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Love how you can race against yourself. Fantastic for a flash game.

Wow, not just a game

I see this is more than just a game, a full multi-player world. For that reason you get 10/10. I think a few of the regs, will want weapons, but I get the sense from the chat filters, it's made for Kids. Either way, I'll use it for free chat and build myself a room. Brilliant for a flash game. Well done.

LOL, well cool platformer, ticks all the boxes.

Graphics 10/10
Sound and Music 9/10
Game play 8/10

Bonus point for humor and that it was a good time waster, spent more than 20 minutes playing it. Prefer violent games but I suppose it is the season to be jolly. :-D

NOT as bad as people make out

A fun platform game and they aren't many good flash platform games on the net. Lots of good graphics and great sound. Not the new PS3 version but def a 10 for a flash game.

I can see this going far.

Rather cool and very 90's, but in a good way. I don't play flash games for more than 10 min but this has an addictive nature to it. The more I think about it the more I like. Well done.

A new concept in Game Funding

Firstly as the Creative Director of the company that made this game (Lets Design UK) I wanted to say that the idea was a trial to see if it was possible to include automated pixel advertising in the game.

For many years now Flash games developers have been struggling to gain funding for Flash game development. We decided with the help of (Online Games HQ) that it would be a good idea to play with remote scripting in Flash to make a pixel based (but it doesn't have to be pixels) click and buy system. It's the first we know of where the game is released with no advertising and advertisers can click blank space to purchase a pixel. We thought we would show off with a few other remote based scripts. The game has been developed with 2 programmers, 1 designer and a gaming expert.

As for more levels, we just wanted to test if it was possible and use it as an example that it is. It's more an example to the game making world of what we can do to gain further funding to make great games for you (the customer) that plays.
And I think that describes why the game is so basic.

It's more of a programming adventure.

As for the comment on copying. I don't know where that came from. The site was setup as the base for the game and further info for those interested in what we are doing. The site is owned by the owner and myself.

As for copying, nobody would be copying by distributing this game. This game is free to distribute to any game network or to put on your own site. It serves, as I have said before, as a 'programming example' of where Flash games can go next.

Thanks for all your feedback, it is all taken well.
Mr David Rudge M.A.
Creative Director
Lets Design UK.

(please mail me if you have further questions)

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